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The AI-powered commerce platform for the resale economy

Build and scale your resale business with Ribbn,
the all-in-one platform for circular commerce.

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A complete commerce solution for resale - everything you need to start, grow, and manage your business

Easily upload and list your products

Manage products, orders, payments, and more

Our intuitive workflows and AI-driven tools ensure you manage products effortlessly, connect items to owners, and process commission payouts seamlessly.

Build your online store

Build your online store

Ribbn's flexible site builder lets you design a flawless online store and build custom email correspondence with your customers.

Sell on multiple platforms

Sell globally on multiple channels

Whether it's your online store, social media channels, or even physical storefronts, Ribbn ensures your products are listed and managed efficiently across all avenues.

Acquire new sellers and inventory

Acquire new sellers and inventory

Customize our pre-built mobile app to reflect your brand, allowing sellers to upload items, manage approved items, and withdraw commission painlessly.


No matter where you're starting from, Ribbn is here to help you scale and evolve your resale business.

Power sellers

You're a frequent seller on marketplaces like Poshmark, Grailed, or Depop, but now you want to create your own online store.

Ribbn can help you scale and reshape

Secondhand stores

You already have a brick and mortar resale store and want to compliment it with a smart, integrated webshop.

Resale E-commerce

Your online resale business is growing and you need better tools to reduce costs and eliminate Shopify hacking.

Sell to every buyer, everywhere

One platform that lets you sell wherever your customers are—online, in‑person, and everywhere in between

Fast, reliable checkout

Sell on your Ribbn webshop

Make checkout your own, with customizable features that uniquely fit your business needs. Accept credit cards and other popular payment methods instantly.

Sell where people shop

Sell where people shop

List, promote, and sell your products on the world's most popular sales channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Google—all from within Ribbn.

Sell in store

Sell in person

The Ribbn wireless Point of Sale (POS) system comes with everything you need to capture payments at pop-ups, markets, and physical stores.

Acquire sellers and sell their inventory

Engage with customers

Manage customer conversations, create automated messages, and offer store credit to close more sales and turn one-time shoppers into a loyal customer base.


Webshop builder

Use our intuitive webshop builder to create and host your store directly on Ribbn, so that your workflows are completely integrated.

Notifications wizard

Our comprehensive notifications wizard allows you to manage the content and look of all your email and SMS notifications.

Resale settings

We've built resale-specific settings to help you manage commission structure, payout schedule, shipping parameters, return policy, and more.

Product Collections

Group your products into automated or manual collections to make it easier for you and your customers to find them by category.

Real-time Analytics

Ribbn's real-time analytics and reports help you to gain insights about your sales, inventory, and customers in detail.

Seller & Customer CRM

Our comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is tailored for both sellers and buyers.


We leverage AI to optimize your product workflows

Image recognition

Our AI is trained to recognize products in images, discerning between photos that are great for business and those that perform poorly, enabling a cleaner and more professional presentation of your inventory.

Faster uploads & SEO

Boost your online presence effortlessly. Our AI helps you craft search-optimized product titles and descriptions, dramatically speeding up the product creation and upload process while ensuring steady growth in sales.

Intelligent Pricing

Benefit from our AI's capability to process vast amounts of historical sales and pricing data, providing a rich context for current pricing decisions

Solutions Built For Resale

Resale is not like traditional retail. Ribbn is designed to address the unique obstacles that resellers face.


Creating new innovations for the resale market

Inventory tracking with RFID:

Ribbn bridges the gap between digital and physical spaces in resale by offering robust inventory tracking systems and seamless RFID integration, empowering merchants to manage their stock efficiently and effectively, both in store and online.

Tailor-made for One-of-a-kind Items:

Our system efficiently manages unique Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) ensuring that each item is accurately tracked and available for sale. Whether you deal in vintage clothing, rare books, or collectible toys, Ribbn keeps your inventory organized and easily accessible

Smart queuing system for checkout:

Unlike Shopify and other traditional retail platforms, Ribbn ensures one-of-a-kind items aren't double-sold. We've created a smart queuing system: if an item is in someone's cart, the next shopper joins a waiting list and is notified if the item becomes available.

Seamless commission management:

Resale merchants often find themselves matching their sellers' commission earnings in spreadsheets with their product and order data in e-commerce systems. Ribbn seamlessly tracks earnings and commissions for each item sold, eliminating the need to juggle multiple tools or systems.

Advanced sorting and filtering:

Ribbn incorporates advanced sorting and filtering capabilities through an intelligent taxonomy system customized to each merchant's inventory and business needs, improving the search experience for customers and merchants alike.

Our Story

We know what it takes to successfully run a resale business. This is our story.

Ribbn was created by software pros and retail experts who experienced the challenges of growing a consignment business.


The future of resale is finally here. Start using Ribbn today to electrify your online presence and boost sales.

Starter tier

Essential features to create your store and run your resale businesss.


  • Online store
  • Unlimited products
  • Sales channels

Business tier

Omnichannel tooling empowering small and medium-sized businesses.


Includes everything in starter plus:
  • Mobile app
  • Wireless POS system
  • RFID Tags

Enterprise tier

Bespoke solutions and advanced features for large-scale businesses.


Includes everything in business plus:
  • Advanced AI
  • Custom reporting
  • Systems Integrations

Join the re-commerce revolution
Join the re-commerce revolution

Join the re-commerce revolution

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